Company evaluation

In the life of a company, countless situations can occur when it may be necessary to determine the fair market value of the company. During this evaluation, our experts determine the market value by taking professional standards into consideration, keeping in mind the specifics of the company, and selecting, or combining, different methods.

Internal regulations

The system of internal regulations may support the optimal operation of a company’s internal processes (e.g. policy for the use of company cars, regulations for domestic or foreign assignments, home office policy, cafeteria policy, etc.). These regulations can be primarily important for organizations where, for example, the number of employees is high, and the economic activities are more complex.

Time and energy can be saved with the sufficiently detailed regulation of benefits introduced at the company or the use of equipment/tools, and all the participants can have a clear view of the tasks, deadlines and responsibilities related to these areas. Our company can help define the range of recommended internal regulations, and prepare them comprehensively, considering the operational characteristics of the company.


Our experts can provide assistance in the accounting and taxation tasks of the liquidation or simplified liquidation processes of companies, from the decision on liquidation to the handover of assets after the company’s closure.

Tax and accounting due diligence

Our due diligence service in the area of taxation and accounting basically examines compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation. During the tax due diligence, the (possibly hidden) risks are revealed, and solutions are recommended in order to minimize the company’s tax risks. In the accounting due diligence, we examine the compliance with the requirements of the relevant legislation.

Finacont Kft. is ready to provide due diligence services in taxation and financial-accounting areas, tailored to the needs of the client and considering the aspects of business size and operating environment.

Partner risk evaluation

When establishing economic relations, it is of utmost importance to check whether the selected partner complies with the basic legal requirements (e.g. has a valid tax number, is not under enforcement proceedings, its director is not suspended, etc.), and whether the partner is able to fulfill its business purposes with the assets and headcount at hand. The goal of the comprehensive investigation carried out by our experts is to prove that the company acted with due care when selecting its business partner and when establishing the business partnership.

Support in establishing a company

Company foundation is not just preparing and submitting the Articles of Association, but it also means many taxation and other administrative tasks. When setting up a company, you have to decide on a number of taxation issues (e.g. choosing VAT exemption, the form of corporate income taxation, etc.), and even after setting up the company, many tax-related or other administrative tasks arise (e.g. creating a Company Gateway account, tax authority registration, opening a bank account, etc.).

Our consultants are ready to help with tasks related to the company formation, taking the economic and operational characteristics of the newly founded company into consideration.

Fiduciary asset management – trusts in Hungary

Fiduciary asset management means that the trustee (asset manager) manages items, rights and receivables (managed assets), assigned by the trustor to him/her, in his/her own name, but for the benefit of the beneficiary based on an agreement. The trustor pays a fee for the asset management service. Managed assets may include real estate, movable property, securities, concessions, licenses, and similar rights or even receivables. In addition to its other advantages, using fiduciary asset management (trust) can bring a number of tax benefits.

Our consultants are happy to help you to set up a customized scheme that ensures maximum tax benefits.

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