Our Lead Experts

István Fakász

Junior partner and controlling manager. After his economic studies, he has been strengthening the team of Finacont for 15 years now. Basic accounting tasks led into controlling, then to manager responsibilities. Currently, he is the manager of a team of 13 at one of our company’s largest clients. Well-balanced and efficient operation in a controlled environment is essential for him.

Tamás Fejes

Controlling expert, economist. He gained professional and middle management experience in the field of corporate controlling at manufacturing and trading companies. Currently he represents controlling at one of Finacont’s clients, and takes part in the cooperation between Finacont and Dyntell. In his work, he aims to combine IT and controlling solutions.

Our belief is that the age of instinctive company management is over.

In our constantly changing world, decisions made using gut instinct pave the way for your competitors to get ahead of your company. Our team of highly qualified specialists helps you create the most optimal system – handling all with maximum trust.




Hours per month


Professional Team Members


Data Sources



Financial closing and reporting

Active participation in monthly and annual general ledger closing. Analyses related to the profit/ loss, balance sheet, and cash movements based on accounting data. Preparation of service line and cost center reports. Active use of the company’s other databases (data from inventories, HR, production, etc.)

Planning, Forecast, Preparing business plans, Simulations

Preparing annual budget and other detailed financial plans for the company, coordinating the preparation. Preparation of short-term forecasts in a quickly changing business environment. “What if…” type analyses and sensitivity tests. Preparation of business plans requested by owners and financing parties.

Operating business intelligence functions

Operating BI software built on company databases, defining and setting up new reports. Introduction of Dyntell BI software with a business scope definition, project management and operation after its go-live.

Internal consultancy, supporting management decisions

Supporting management by fulfilling ad-hoc business analysis requests. Revealing loss potential. Preparing process improvement ideas, participating in such projects.

Product cost calculation

Preparing and operating product cost calculation models (pre- and post-calculation) for production companies.

Business Intelligence


Ensuring the ability to react and adapt, especially nowadays, is of high importance in achieving business goals.

Controlling and business intelligence (BI), consisting of an automated controlling system, aims to assist in this.

To implement an automated controlling system, our strategic partner, Dyntell Software provides BI system which will be built on the client’s existing ERP system and will be tailored by Finacont’s colleagues to the needs of our clients.

Finacont forms a bridge between the client’s expectations and the framework offered by Dyntell.

  • By reducing manual work, more time is left for analysis.
  • No need to wait for retrieved data and human errors can be prevented.
  • Several individual, but logically interrelated databases can be analyzed and interpreted all in one go.
  • Detailed data can be retrieved in a number of formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Controlling is present in every company to some extent, from small companies to multinational corporations. Typically, the size of the company determines the necessary level of controlling service, which can be assessed after a preliminary survey. In general, we can say that conscious operation, decisions supported by numbers, and the close monitoring of doubts is always worthwhile.

During our contracting process, we discuss what services are required, and we prepare our work plan based on this in order to fulfill the client’s needs. This may include participation in monthly closings, preparing reports for different internal and external actors, preparing annual plans and forecasts, preparing medium-term plans, etc. Furthermore, following the implementation of Dyntell’s BI solutions, we also operate the tool

It depends on the client’s requests and the tasks at hand. Both on-site and remote services are available. In case of remote services, our colleagues need access to the client’s systems.

Besides Dyntell BI, we typically use MS Office products on a professional level. If we provide services remotely, from Finacont’s office, MS Office is provided by Finacont. If work is done on-site, it is recommended for the client to have the latest Office version to allow us to work as effectively as possible.

Dyntell BI can connect to several record-keeping systems (ERPs, production management, warehouse management, etc.), and can process their data. Usually, it can easily connect to up-to-date systems operating on database basis. If you need further information, please contact us and we will examine your system in a consultation.

It depends on the complexity of the system(s) to which the BI is going to be connected, and the business needs. First, we perform an IT analysis of the basic systems, and prepare a business needs specification. Afterwards, we develop a BI solution customized to the client together with Dyntell’s consultants. In 2-3 months useful BI reports can be generated. The solution is scalable, so it can be expanded with new reports on demand.

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