Our clients are not companies but people.

Our company was established in 2002 with the aim of providing high-quality comprehensive financial and administrative services for Hungarian and foreign businesses and organizations.
Finacont group currently operates in two countries. More than 150 experienced, professionally prepared colleagues work in two Hungarian and one Slovak office.

We highly value our people and take care of them.

We have a network of specialists cooperating with our people so that we can effectively deal with tasks requiring several or special fields of expertise.

We keep up with technological development.

We were among the first ones in our country to switch to cloud-based data storage in 2009 - thus ahead of our time and countless other market players at the time. Today, automation is radically transforming our sector, which requires continuous development and up-to-date knowledge from us.


Our management members are Hungarian private individuals who spent a long time at advisory, auditing firms, service providers and multinational companies, in different financial executive positions.

20 years 20 moments

In 2022, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company, we recalled 20 memorable moments and shared them with others. These are milestones that authentically reflect our corporate aura and who we are now.
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