Corporate tax group

Corporate tax group is available for economic entities with Hungarian registered addresses or for Hungarian fixed establishments of foreign companies, which are related parties in at least 75 percent, prepare their financial statements based on the same regulations, and have the same balance sheet dates.

One of the biggest benefits of having a corporate tax group is the tax savings, which results from the ability to reconcile positive and negative tax bases, and the possibility of making better use of tax benefits. Our colleagues provide assistance in examining requirements and possible benefits, and in creating the group, if requested.

Transfer price documentation

The corporate tax law imposes an administrative obligation on a certain scope of related companies. Our professionals can prepare the local and master file of transfer price documentation with the contents and in details required by law. We can also review the master file prepared by foreign parent companies based on the local legislation applying to them and examine its compliance with Hungarian law.

Corporate tax offering

In the corporate tax system, there is an opportunity to support certain team sports in such a way that taxpayers can make an offer for the benefit of the chosen sport against their payable taxes. Similar to the 1 percent personal income tax offer, these offers also reach the supported organization through the Hungarian tax authority.

After the offer, the taxpayer is entitled to a certain amount of tax refund. Our colleagues will help you determine the optimal amount of support, and manage the administration.

Investments for energy efficiency

One of the benefits available in the corporate tax legislation is the tax benefit on investments for energy efficiency. Taxpayers can apply for this option if they make an investment that serves energy efficiency goals, and results in audited “final energy savings”.

Together with our energetics partner, our company can perform the prior tax classification and energetic auditing of the investment, and prepare the documentation necessary for applying for the tax benefit.

Examining tax benefits available

In the corporate tax system, taxpayers have a number of opportunities to reduce their profit before taxation according to corporate tax or to have tax credit on corporate tax payable if certain requirements are met. Our professionals would be happy to examine the possible tax benefits, once the financial specifics of a company is known to us, and to help wiht the administration of the tax benefit request.

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