Government decree No. 197/2022 (VI. 4.) was published during the Pentecost long weekend. The decree introduces amendments to existing tax types (duties) and brings new tax types into force.

Due to the protracted war situation, the government sets up utilities protection and national defense fund, into which a special surtax must be paid by those sectors which, according to its judgment, have gained extra profit in the past period.

Company car tax
A significant change affecting many businesses is that between 1 July 2022 and 31 December 2022 the monthly rate of company car tax will increase. Some examples for the tax burden modification: for a motor vehicle with an environmental protection class mark of 6-10 and a power of 91-120 kW the tax will increase from HUF 22,000 to HUF 41,000, while for example, for a motor vehicle with an environmental protection class mark of 0-4 over 120 kW power it will change from HUF 44,000 to HUF 81,000.

Surtax on credit institutions
The special tax on credit institutions and financial enterprises is not a new type of tax. The basis of the tax will be the net sales revenue of the companies in 2022 and next year, and the rate will be 10 percent this year and 8 percent next year.

Transaction tax
Regarding the transaction tax, which is also not considered a new burden, two important changes will come into effect. On the one hand, although the tax does not increase, the maximum amount of tax that might be levied on transfers and direct debits does, from HUF 6,000 to HUF 10,000. On the other hand, the tax payment obligation applies not only to bank account transactions, but also securities accounts.

Surtax on producers of petroleum products
The basis of the special tax imposed on MOL is the difference between the price of crude oil imported from Russia and the world market price multiplied by the amount of oil (per barrel) imported in the given month, the rate of the special tax is 2 percent.

Income tax of energy suppliers
For the 2022 and 2023 tax years, a manufacturing industry producer is also considered subject to the income tax of energy suppliers. A manufacturing industry producer is a bioethanol producer, a starch and starch product producer, and a sunflower oil producer.

Airlines surtax
A surtax on airlines will be introduced, based on which the air passenger transport activity and the economic organization performing ground handling services, as per the Aviation Act, is liable to tax. The tax is based on the number of domestic passengers (departing from Hungary) of the aircraft, excluding transit passengers, and the amount of the tax depends on the country of destination.

Surtax on pharmaceutical distributors
In the case of pharmaceuticals with a producer price not exceeding HUF 10,000, a tax of 20 percent and in the case of pharmaceuticals with a producer price exceeding HUF 10,000 a tax of 28 percent should be paid.

Surtax on retail trade
A surtax will be introduced for the year 2022, so taxpayers will have to pay 80% of the tax burden originally payable this year in addition to the tax burden. In 2022 the rates of the progressive tax will not increase, but in 2023 they will.

Surtax on insurance companies
Starting this year, a surtax will be introduced for the insurance sector as well, and its tax base is not the same as that of the existing insurance tax. In part, the tax subject is the same as that on which the insurance tax is paid by the insurers: the currently generated income from casco car insurance, property and liability insurances, and compulsory motor vehicle liability insurances. However, it is supplemented with life insurances. It is therefore not about raising the existing insurance tax, but about a new progressive additional tax that affects life insurances in addition to the already taxed non-life insurances, but based on the rates, less than half as much.

Surtax on telecommunication
Electronic communication companies and telecommunication companies operating in Hungary are also obliged to pay a surtax from 1 July but after their net sales revenue for the entire year; the telecommunication surtax rate increases in proportion to the revenue, but the surtax does not have to be paid below HUF 1 billion.

Surtax on the employment of film extras, agricultural and tourism seasonal workers
Pursuant to the amendment to the Act on Simplified Employment, a surtax will be imposed on the employment of extras in the film industry, and the employer’s payroll taxes will also increase for agricultural and tourism seasonal work.

Mining royalty
In the case of the mining royalty, a new obligation was introduced which requires that last year’s quantity must be extracted this year and next year as well, and if the subject of the public burden does not do this, he/she can expect a sanction, at least in the same amount as the mining royalty.

Public health product tax
Among the amendments affecting the public health product tax, it is important that the legislation practically completely re-tailors and clarifies the range of taxable products falling under its scope, and a new category, the delicacy, is introduced. It is important that alcoholic beverages are excluded from the scope of the public health product tax.

Excise tax
The tax rate of many products subject to excise duty (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) will increase under the new regulations.

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